Best Small Business Ideas

by bizboon

December 10, 2014

Best Small Business Ideas

As 2015 is approaching fast, here is an opportunity to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon and start the business of your choice. As experts in business, we could not resist the temptation of divulging the best small business ideas that will have great potential in 2015. As these best small business ideas are based on research, data and anecdotal evidence, they will stand you in good stead if you dream to start a new business this year.

Why Best Business Ideas                                            

In the not so distant past, most of the small businesses found themselves on the periphery when it comes to the expansion of their businesses. However, today, they have come to the forefront of conscious attention thanks to their propensity to actively participate in the economic activities leading to increased business opportunities. In order to enhance competitiveness, the role of successful business ideas cannot be undermined. This is true eve more for small businesses that have to achieve higher efficiency at a reduced cost because they cannot afford the luxury the large enterprises enjoys in spending on the resources.

The pressure to remain competitive is true for both large and small businesses. The approach to address the issues of business for a small organization is pretty much the same as for any large business. Today the technology and application that were once deployed by the large businesses are much in demand by the small enterprises. Needless to say, the small firms, to a great measure, need the same ideas that the large enterprise needs.

The best business ideas are the ones that have the potential of solving the problems of the customers. These best ideas may turn into successful business ideas If your company is able to find a solution to the customers’ problem. Here are some best small business ideas that we are sure will be successful in 2015.

Drop Shipper

In the not so good state of world economy E-commerce comes as one of the best business ideas. It especially captivates the small businesses and novices for whom renting a retail space is something they cannot afford. Drop-shipping, an integral part of E-commerce is a business mechanism which allows you to directly transfer customer orders and shipment details to manufacturer or wholesaler. There is no need to stock up the stock in different warehouses.

Become an Eco-consultant

The demand for cutting energy costs or reducing their carbon footprint has never been greater. The businesses are in constant pressure to embrace green practices. The consumers are also taking into account the history of sustainability of the brands when making purchasing decisions. As a result the companies are turning to sustainability consultants who can help them adopt greener practices.

If you have a passion to make the earth a greener place to live in and want to club this passion with your with your entrepreneurial spirit, starting an eco-consulting service is a great way to achieve this goal.  An eco-consulting service entails advising and offering solutions to the homeowners and business owners to make their homes and offices more environmentally friendly.

Social media consultant

These days all businesses are looking for successful business ideas to connect with their customers. They cannot afford not to make their presence on social media as it is a powerful tool to for businesses to build relationships with prospective clients and get leads. Though big businesses have the wherewithal and staff to run their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, small businesses don’t have that luxury due the lack of resources. Here comes the role of social media consultant who can help the small business owners by identifying the best tactics, posting schedules and content which will come handy for them to get new customers. Needless to say, becoming a social media consultant is one of the best small business ideas that should be to your linking.

Web content Writer

One of the successful business ideas is to be a web content writer who writes the content for the companies which can be used by them to build their brand and showcase their products and solutions to the clients.

It is a universally accepted fact that more quality content on the websites of the businesses, specially the small ones, can lead to more rankings. This means more visitors and more sales. For this, businesses hire content writers who can come up with their own business ideas for content like writing guides, tutorials creating banner campaigns, marketing e-mails on how to best use the products/services of the company.  You can one of these content writers. When it starts working out, you can add staff at a later stage.

Healthcare Consultant

A healthcare consultant with a background in insurance can help a company by providing professional assistance by sorting through the gamut of options of health insurance plans available.  A healthcare consultant determines the best healthcare insurance plan that fits its requirements and budget. There is no need for a big staff if you start your career as a healthcare consultant.


Today businesses are taking resort to self-published books that are useful in promoting themselves. However, due to the lack of capital the small businesses look for ghost writers who can put the company’s viewpoints down on paper by writing books, blogs to social media to engage with the target customers.

Disaster Consultant

A recent survey reveals that businesses are losing billions due to the attack of fires, floods and other tragedies that takes place everyday. The small businesses find themselves on the receiving end as it becomes very difficult for them to recuperate after a loss caused by the disasters. These disasters have the potential of destroying years of hard work in a moment’s notice. Hence realization has downed on the businesses that it is high time that they evaluate their own situation. Irrespective of industry or location, it becomes necessary for every business to have disaster recovery plan in place due to the growing threats to business continuity including natural calamities and catastrophes.

In the context it is not surprising that an opportunity lies here for the disaster consultant who can to help businesses take the necessary steps for protecting their companies from disasters and hazards whether they are natural or manmade.

Testing Services

Testing services are poised for growth for the simple reason that if the systems go down, it can result in loss to the company.  Testing has emerged as a critical component of any business continuity planning because even small outages can affect the profits of a company and has the potential of shaking the confidence of the customers. It has been found that a 24-hour disruption minimizes the chance of a business’s survival by 50%. A 3-day disruption could result in the shutdown of a business.

Today websites, apps are integral party of any business. However, if they don’t work in an appropriate manner, they are of no use.

Against this backdrop, it is natural that any business, affected by downtime, will go for testing services. Those proficient in testing services specialize in testing applications and software to ensure that business remains in operation. By the use of the testing services, the company business stands to gain as it will reduce both recovery time and risks. As you get larger and add staff to work for you, it is advisable to go after the bigger clients.

Teaching others

This is one of the methods to increase your bank account. One of the most successful business ideas is to earn money by charging for your expertise which you impart to others.

Do what you like to do

It is of paramount importance that while launching your business you must keep in mind that your success in business depends on what you bring to the business. If you do what you don’t love, there is every possibility that this will dampen your passion for the business. This in turn will destroy you creativity and perseverance. On the other hand, if you do what you love, your stand every chance of becoming successful.

Finally, a successful business is often built on best business ideas that have the ability to anticipate needs. These business ideas should be able to withstand the market if the necessity arises. Truly successfully business ideas are few and far between. It has been seen that most of the best business ideas emanate from the old ones.

Creating a successful business is all about solving the customers’ problem and adding value to their lives. However, to achieve this you will have best business ideas which come from experience from those who have been in the thick and thin of the business.

Before starting your business, it is in the essential fitness of things that you should have an open mind when it comes to business ideas.  You will be confronted with many small business ideas in the beginning. What is needed is that you should weigh the pros and cons of each business idea. It does not matter how trivial an idea may be. It is a good idea to surround yourself with people with whom you can discuss your business ideas.