Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

by bizboon

February 4, 2014

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

Several years ago when I was visiting a small village in Sri Lanka, I walked into an empty computer class room and found a Facebook login page opened on a Firefox browser.  That Facebook page struck me, because I never expected to see Facebook in Sri Lanka nor did I spend any time on Facebook chatting or posting messages myself.  Why Facebook was the first question that went through my mind.  Out of curiosity, I clicked on different browsers on different computers.  The results were the same.  All of the computers had their browsers’ home page set to Facebook.  The Facebook pages piqued my curiosity.  How is that in a small village in a country so far from Canada, Facebook so popular, yet I hardly use it?  I asked the supervisor of the classroom and he said that people in Sri Lanka join Facebook because they want to reach out to their friends and family who live abroad and hope to find better employment through their connections.

Love it or not, social media is the future of global communication.  Until I witnessed the popularity of Facebook in Sri Lanka, I never really understood the reach and influence of this platform.  It is not going anywhere.  It is here to stay.  It is through this medium that most international communication will take place in the 21-st century.  It is a medium that allows people to express their views and opinions.  It highlights, projects and forecasts the social, political and economic trends in countries around the world.  By observing these trends and communicating with people on these platforms, we are able to judge the social and business climate of the countries we want to do business in.  The sooner those businesses embrace this new phenomenon; they will have the opportunity to discover new business opportunities and markets that they otherwise might not have dreamt of.  These new opportunities and markets will help them beat their competition and make their products and services popular.

At BizBoon we understand this new phenomenon very well.  Therefore, we encourage you to connect and communicate with companies and individuals across the globe.  Our customized services will facilitate your collaboration with these businesses and make expansion into these countries smooth and seamless.  Join BizBoon today to connect, communicate and collaborate in order to take your business to a new level.

Emmanuel Ilangko

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