Access International Partners with a Global Business Network

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by bizboon

July 1, 2014

Access International Partners with a Global Business Network

Build a global business network to access international businesses

The international market is changing.  The size of China’s economy is poised to exceed the US economy by the end of 2014 and India currently has the 3rd largest economy in the world.  Technology and a growing consumer demands make a Global Business Network essential to any business with plans to expand.  A Global Business Network can increase your market and profits.  Succeeding in the global market place presents challenges that a business networking site like BizBoon can assist you with.  BizBoon brings businesses together worldwide.

An international partner can help a business navigate foreign markets and provide guidance on issues such as cross-border trade issues, translation, transportation and etiquette.   Cross-border trade issues include tariffs, immigration, outsourcing and mobility of talent.  There is a need for employees overseas and a partner in the country you are expanding into can assist with trade and employment regulations in that country. A foreign partner could also assist with the seamless transfer of business into the new country by ensuring that new employees and their families adjust to their new surroundings.  A partner can easily access real estate information and regulations, services and schools for the business’ overseas employees, making their transition easier.  With assistance employees are likely to adjust well and remain in their posts for longer periods.  An international partner accessed through a Global Business Network could address concerns related to a shortage of skills and aging population worldwide.

Cost effective and expedient transportation can be an issue when travelling abroad and even more important when working in foreign countries.  An international partner acquired through a Global Business Network can assist by providing information on travel services such as public transit, taxis and shuttles.  An international partner could also assist with accessing translation services and language lessons.

Proper business etiquette can create a positive and trusting relationship between companies and their affiliates.  A Global Business Network can help to access important information on a country’s specific customs.  In some countries cultural courtesy includes bringing a gift or bowing.  Allow an international partner to assist you to navigate these issues and attend meetings dressed appropriately, on time and prepared to negotiate while respecting cultural customs.

While expanding your market is exciting and potentially very profitable, it is important to have the information that you need to succeed in a foreign country.  International partners are essential in providing access to the information and services you need.

Enjoy your new adventure!