Professional Networking & Business Success

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by bizboon

November 10, 2014

Professional Networking & Business Success

Professional Networking is the key to building a successful business

Professional Networking is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.  It has been found that the contacts one makes in the classroom while pursuing their studies often become a lifetime affair and a well-oiled professional network can be of immense help in the progress of career.

Most of the people resort to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses. However, in order to connect with more business-related contacts, it is in the essential fitness of things that you turn to professional networking sites to make connections with those you have worked with or may wish to work with.

Today there are professional networks which provide a platform for the community of business professionals who are helping each other succeed. These professional networks are the places where professionals can market their business and develop bonds.

Rise of Professional network

Over the past few years, the lives of the people have undergone sea change thanks to the advent of the Internet.  The impact the Internet exerts on the users when it comes to buying their household stuffs or planning their holidays is mind boggling. However, internet has transformed the way we interact socially.

Internet social media plays an important role by providing a platform whereby we can create our own virtual world where we can share new ideas, inputs, feedback and thoughts. It also gives us the luxury of entering into online discussions with people we have never met before. Hence It is no surprise that social media has been a preferred tool of choice for individuals, businesses, corporations and governments where they share and exchange ideas and information in virtual networks.

However, social networking sites like Facebook are no longer the place where you can find people with similar interests. Hence there has been an increasing demand for creating networking sites around common interests from which all members can derive benefit.

Thus considerable attention has been given to professional networks these days.  There has been a clamor for “different networks for different types of people”.  Here comes the role of professional networking.  The professional networks serve as a place for users to do things which are not available on other networks. One of the key benefits of Professional networking sites, unlike general social networking sites like Facebook, is that they are specifically designed and have features catering to the specific needs of business professionals.

Professional networking sites help business professionals to meet people of their ilk and enter into conversations with them. They stand in good stead for them in finding answers to their questions without the constraints of time and space. It is also important that other people can listen to the conversation.

Benefits of professional networking sites

The benefits that can be derived by joining professional networking sites are immense. There has been a growing trend of people changing their jobs more frequently than before. According to one estimate by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, people are leaving their jobs in the same position in less than five years. Since the number of people choosing to be self-employed is increasing, it is obvious that generation of sales becomes a thing of paramount importance for them.  Added to this, the increasing competitiveness, businesses are left with no other option other than the maximization of their efficiency and productivity. There is a growing need of high performance workers who can help them streamline their operations and increase their profitability. Against this backdrop professional networking sites become a useful tool that facilitates a person’s continual professional progression

Develops networking

The benefits that can result from using professional networking sites all emanate from members connecting to each other. The more people you will interact with or connect to, the greater the opportunities you can have. Building relationship is a crucial component in marketing your business in both the real and the virtual world.

Through networking and participation in the professional networking groups that are of same interest, you can have access to a number of opportunities which can be used by you to gain new sales or career advancement.

Building your Brand

Professional networking platform is an effective tool for building reputation for your brands. They give us the opportunity to build our professional network, elicit feedback from others which leads to the correct evaluation of our brand. If you are into an online business, then Professional network would be of immense importance to your business model. So let’s have a sneak peak of the benefits that can accrue to your business from professional networking and how you can effectively use it in building your brand.

Brand recognition

There cannot be two thoughts about the fact that one of the most powerful aspects of Professional networking is a brand-building tool. Building a good reputation around your business became all the easier by putting unique content in your Professional networking sites.

Brand loyalty

It has been found that the businesses which have high engagement on professional networking channels are blessed with higher degrees of loyalty from their clients. So it is advisable to utilize the professional networking if you are desirous of connecting with your customers.

Community reach

When it comes to developing a new community, professional networking is one of the very few best alternatives. Having a community of your hues helps you to gain feedback from the members. This can be done by holding online discussions with them to have a better understanding of your target market’s needs.

Free marketing campaigns

Since most of the Professional networking sites are free to use, it becomes easy for the users to start their marketing campaign free of cost by offering deals to those who join their networks.

Competitive edge

Since many businesses are not up to the mark when it comes to having high engagements on the professional networking scene, there is every possibility that those who take the lead will be benefited and reap the rewards. If you are averse to the use of professional networks to the fullest, you will be at the receiving end whereby your competitors will edge past you.

In conclusion, professional networking and business success go hand in hand. The more contacts one builds through professional networks, the greater the business success.  Professional Networking groups such Business Network International (BNI) and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and BizBoon will enhance the value of the brand and help businesses beat their competition.