About BizBoon

BizBoon connects Indian organizations and individuals entering or established in the US and Canada with local firms and institutions. Through customized services, we eliminate barriers for entry and help local companies cut down the time and cost of finding customers and service providers.

Every expanding company has its own unique requirements.

For example, an Indian student wishing to attend a college in the US or Canada, is interested in choosing the right North American institution and understanding student visa regulations. On the other hand, the North American college would require specialized marketing strategies such as education fairs and road shows throughout India to gain visibility in that country.

A technology firm specializing in custom software solutions may require help finding clients who are looking for the software and the services that they offer if they choose to sell their product or obtain professional services contracts with clients in the US and Canada. As well, a media firm may need assistance liaising with radio and TV stations in Canada or the US to help them expand in North America.

Whatever the requirement is, we customize services to suit the needs of each individual and firm who wants to get a foot hold in Canada or the US.

Here are some examples of how we tailor our services:

    Services for Universities and Colleges

  • Promotions at Education Fairs
  • Press briefings on behalf of the institution
  • Special coverage of the institution in regional newspapers
  • Press tours to the College or University
  • Television Talk shows to interact with prospective students
  • Regular News coverage of the University in Indian media outlets
  • Road Shows
  • Admission Counselling & Workshops
  • Social Media Campaigns

    Services for Prospective Students

  • Obtaining health insurance in Canada and the US
  • Navigating immigration and visa requirements
  • Finding accommodations such as homestay and student housing
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Meeting students at the airport when they arrive
  • Addressing dietary needs
  • Organizing tours of Canadian land marks, cities, towns and heritage sites

    Services for Technology Firms

  • Demonstrate their product to numerous potential customers
  • Network them with potential buyers
  • Contract sales people to generate leads

    Services for Media Firms

  • Network them with potential journalists and communication industry professionals
  • Help them setup shop smoothly by connecting them with our accounting, insurance and real estate partners

In addition to the examples provided above, our local partners offer services such as health, auto, home and travel insurance, real estate, accounting, marketing and tour guide services. If you are looking to expand into India or be connected with Indian firms entering the North American market. Contact BizBoon, we will help you achieve your goals.

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