B2B Cloud Services

B2B cloud services, a fast emerging style of Cloud computing, have all the potential of changing the way business is done. Under this model, system, applications, data and resources are provided to businesses as services over the internet. .

In today.s not-so-good economic times, businesses are faced with the challenge of cutting costs while at the same time continuing to deliver new, innovating business services. Here B2B cloud services solution comes to their rescue. The reason is not far to seek. B2B cloud services is a model-delivery methodology that provides configurable computing resources such as servers, networks, storage and applications- whenever and wherever required- with minimum efforts. Cloud also has certain delivery and deployment models which help small companies speed up their transactions with minimal person-power and optimal hardware costs.

B2B cloud services are a user experience and a business model. It is also an infrastructure management methodology. With the growing traction of third-party B2B cloud services, more from service providers are being demanded by the businesses. As an emerging IT delivery model, B2B cloud services significantly reduces capital and IT costs and complexities, resulting in the improvement of profit margins ad response times. When it comes to the consumers, they don.t need to understand the technology while acquiring the services. The migration toward cloud computing by brings increased choice, flexibility, and capabilities to them.

According to one school of thought, cloud is not reliable and secure as it exposes data to risks. There have also been reports of security braches and hacking in cloud .computing environment. It is true that any business which opines that it has never had a security breach is either being deceptive or is unaware of the security incidents it had. It is in the essential fitness of things not to assume that a cloud service provider will never have an incident.

A cloud service provider should have incident responses policies and they should have procedures for every client that feed into their overall incident responses plan. However, one plausible reason for security concerns is that since we don.t have physical access to cloud service we don.t trust. In fact cloud computing is less prone to disaster because cloud providers are better prepared to provide an environment that is geographically distributed.

Cloud environment is safe and secure requires extra protection levels as it works with diverse set of groups. It is necessary to have the proper authentication for getting access to resources for the environment. It was not in distant past that the tools and tricks of business automation were the exclusive domain of big budget and big muscled enterprises. While there was an unbridled aspiration with SMEs to acquire the tools of the big boys, the sheer economic consideration made it difficult, nay impossible, for them to implement business automation solutions.

Cloud computing promises an egalitarian platform irrespective of organization size. With the advent of cloud computing CRM, ERP, HRMS, BI, Dashboards and other dizzying acronyms and jargons are no longer the privilege of a select few enterprises. Cloud Computing is giving huge impetus to SMEs to look for productivity, efficiency enhancing solutions while operating in spartan budgets.

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