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As an emerging market, China offers endless business opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs who want to discover new business opportunities to grow and sustain their businesses. If you are a foreigner looking to get a foot in China, is a good place to start. It is a Hangzhou based group of e-commerce companies including B2B online web portals. It is well established and well known. In fact just two of its portals combined more than the sale of eBay and Amazon together. This one awesome fact alone tells you how big China’s B2B marketplace is. China is the future of e-commerce and China B2B Marketplace is the future of international business dealings. It is not only that China is emerging as an economic power house, but internet is transforming the world like we have never seen before. The day-to-day changes in the current global business climate are exponential and China leads this international change. The international B2B market is going to be like nothing you’ve seen before and the Chinese B2B Marketplace will be the biggest of them all.

In fact having built and have actively tried to connect businesses across the globe, the realization that we have come to is that the Chinese Business-To-Business market is the place to target. In China, in addition to Alibaba there are numerous other B2B services such as, and to name a few. You can join any of these sites to discover new trade partners in China or you can join us at and we will help you connect with our certified partners.

In conclusion, China B2B Marketplace is where you can find emerging businesses in China. The more you connect with Chinese businesses, the more you will discover new business opportunities. These new business opportunities will take you to levels that you might not imagine. At BizBoon, we encourage all our members to find business partners in countries like India and China to grow, sustain and avoid downturns in their own country’s economies. Let’s actively connect to discover China’s B2B marketplace.

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