Cloud Computing Canada

Cloud computing is a fast growing technology that is being increasingly adopted by many Canadian organizations and individuals alike.  Many cloud computing companies in Canada provide services ranging from simple storage to enterprise solutions. Though BizBoon is a social networking site, we provide cloud storage for individuals and businesses to store and share documents. Further, there are organizations such as The Canadian Cloud Council, a national not for profit association that not only promotes cloud computing in Canada, but advocates for proliferation of open, borderless cloud technology that the world can benefit from. Thus, Canada is a place where cloud computing enjoys a lot of support. In addition, cloud computing companies in Canada enjoy a stable political environment and tax incentives. Canadian cold climate also contributes in terms of saving cooling costs for data centers.

Despite the many advantages there are also some disadvantages for cloud computing companies in Canada.  For example, the tax breaks are not as attractive as the breaks in the United States. This off-sets the .cooling. perks that a cloud computing company can gain by setting up shop in Canada.  Moreover, there are bandwidth caps and not so great internet connections, whereas countries like the US or UK do not cap bandwidth. Thus, Canada is unable to take advantage of its inexpensive green energy and dynamic business environment to be a leader in cloud computing.

One of the biggest reasons for bandwidth cap is minimal competition and government control in the telecommunications space. Very few companies such as Bell, Rogers and Telus dominate the market.  For cloud computing in Canada to enjoy great deal of success, the government controls on the telecom industry has to be loosened and more foreign investment and competition has to be fostered.  This will remove the tight grip by major players and will make bandwidth available for cloud computing in Canada.

According Financial Post, the IT industry contributed $22 billion to Canada.s GDP and forecast to contribute $22.5 billion in 2014. However, only $1 billion was generated via cloud computing in Canada.  This is less than 5%.  Therefore, the Canadian government really need to ramp up its effort in making cloud computing in Canada a priority to assist Small and Medium sized Businesses to adopt this technology to focus more on their business needs than worry about their IT infrastructure.

In conclusion, the current situation in Canada is that despite its attractive legal systems protecting privacy, cold winters that help reduce cooling costs, access to inexpensive clean energy and water, cloud computing in Canada is at a disadvantage as cloud computing companies in Canada do not have the bandwidth and necessary policy initiatives to become global leaders. By introducing competition and removing the cap on bandwidth, Small and Medium size businesses will be able to focus more on their business needs to enhance productivity and stay ahead of their competition.  Let.s hope cloud computing in Canada will overcome these obstacles to lead the world in the future.

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