Cloud Computing Providers In India

By international standards, for the size of the country, there are few cloud computing providers in India. However, being one of the major markets to adopt the technology, it is only to be expected that India is an enticing destination for the cloud computing companies. These new cloud computing companies in India are playing a pivotal role in leveraging the cloud services in the country. Though traditionally, internal management of IT operations is to the liking of the organizations across India, with the advent of the cloud there has been growing interest on their part in outsourcing their operations to the third party. In fact with the passage of time, they have become more comfortable with the concept of cloud computing. However, it is also to the point to underline the fact that awareness of cloud computing among the smaller companies is still low as regards to the benefits the technology provides in the form of flexibility and cost cutting.

Cloud computing is steadily growing in India, with the total cloud market estimated to be $1 Billion by 2015, according to Greyhound Research. Along with the global cloud computing companies, the local cloud computing providers in India are jockeying for their space in the Cloud market. The reason is not far to seek. The country still maintains a healthy growth if it is compared to the global one of the economy. Added to this, relatively low penetration of cloud computing in the country provides greener pastures for new cloud computing companies in India.

Like many other places, inherent security concerns associated with adopting cloud, top the list of barriers that prevent the growth of cloud computing providers in India. Companies that are unable to ensure the security of the cloud services they provide may run the risk of putting their businesses at risk. So an important question may be asked: Are cloud computing companies in India prepared to address the new age security risks?

Against this backdrop it comes as no surprise that organizations prefer those providers who have their data centers set up in the country. A step in the direction has been taken by IBM, which as part of its $1.2 billion investment to augment its cloud presence around the world, has established its first cloud data facility in Airoli near Mumbai. On his recent visit to India, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos explored the possibility of local data centers in the country. Microsoft, which describes India as its fastest growing cloud market, has also announced that by the end of 2015 the Redmond-based tech giant will establish cloud data centers in India. The company CEO Satya Nadella estimates that cloud computing services market in India is tantamount to a $2-trillion market opportunity.

However, none of the big cloud computing providers, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, has so far set up a data centre in India. Irregular power supply, erratic Internet connectivity, limited bandwidth and unpredictable optical fiber connectivity between different parts of the country are some of the reasons that act as barriers which prevent these cloud computing companies from setting up data centers in the country.

There is every possibility that those in search of cloud services in India may be spoilt for choices thanks to the abundance of cloud computing companies in the market.

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