Cloud Drive Storage Service

Cloud drive storage service is your 21-century solution to store, backup and access your photos, videos, and documents. As cloud computing is becoming more ubiquitous and security of the cloud is getting stronger, people and businesses gain more confidence to store their data with cloud drive storage service providers such as Amazon, Dropbox, livedrive and One Drive. In addition, cloud drive storage service is software that allows you to mount these service providers the same way you would do a normal hard drive or a file server. Thus it is software that you can install as well a service that you can subscribe.

Let.s look at how you can benefit from some of these cloud drive storage service providers.


Amazon offers cloud drive storage service called, Cloud Drive. It is an online file hosting and synchronization service. When you sign up with Amazon, you get 5 GB of secure cloud storage for free. The photos that you store are automatically backed up. Further, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you.ll receive unlimited photo backup and if your photos were taken using the fire phone, it is free to store them in the cloud drive regardless of whether you are a prime member or not . You can download Amazon's app and access your cloud drive storage service from anywhere, anytime. However, Amazon's Cloud Drive has several limitations.

i. An image file cannot exceed 2 GB

ii. File and folder names cannot exceed 255 characters

iii. Supported image formats are: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, raw, tif and tiff

iv. The service is only available in the US


Dropbox is another popular cloud drive storage service, where you can store and share your photos, videos, and documents via email or on Facebook and Twitter. Dropbox is safe, secure and provides a simple software that you can download on laptops and desktops to synch all your files. This service is available in addition to Apple and Android apps. One of the most important features in Dropbox is the ability to edit documents. There is no need to download the document; you can read it directly from your Dropbox account and edit it as well. Further, Dropbox offers special services for businesses.

One Drive

OneDrive is a cloud drive storage service by Microsoft. The biggest advantage it has over others is that it comes with the Office suit online. You can edit all your word, excel and power point documents regardless of the device you are working on and the first 15 GB is free of charge. Further, if you purchase Office 365, you will receive1 TB of One Drive storage.


livedrive is a Britain cloud drive storage service provider. The primary use of this service is that it provides the ability to backup your entire computer online. By signing up with them, you.ll receive unlimited backup. Further live drive offers a synching software called Briefcase. You can use this software to sync files in every computer you have and share them with family and friends.

The software; cloud drive storage service

Cloud drive storage service is also software not to be confused with the services offered by the cloud vendors that we just discussed, that enables you to mount the services offered by these vendors directly on to your Windows, Linux or Mac machines the same way you would do a hard drive or a file server. It allows you to access data via the iSCSI protocol. The benefits are:

1. Continuous optimization of bandwidth and data

2. Additional security through redundant storage of your data

3. Redundancy introduces access when the internet is down

4. It supports the following cloud provides: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, EMC Atmos, Nirvanix, GoGrid, vcloud, Zetta, Scality, Dunkel, Mezeo,, Webdav, and FTP.

As you can see, cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous. There are many established service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft. As time goes by, these service providers start evolving their services to suit the market needs and new software such as cloud drive storage service will start revolutionizing the way we connect to cloud services. Cloud drive storage service is your 21-st century solution to all your data storage needs.

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