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As Cloud Computing becomes the norm, many cloud service providers are popping up all over the United States. Some of the top cloud providers in the US are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and cloud provider usa, which renamed to Itrica is an emerging player in the cloud marketplace. These companies offer cloud vps solutions with elastic capability.

In 2012's top-line revenue grew by 35% to $3 billion. Microsoft's Office 365 solution on the other hand generated revenue of $1.5 billionby mid-2013. Further, Amazon beatIBM for a major US government cloud contract and Google has acquired more than 6000 Channel partners through their Google Apps program. Cloud provider usa or Itrica as it is now known on the other hand not only provides traditional cloud computing services such as Infrastructure as a service, but also help their customers through their professional services model that delivers services such as Big Data Analysis consulting. In fact cloud provider usa offers SSD on-demand cloud storage solution for their customers. This solution will provide higher I/O rates and faster access times than disk based systems and will let companies leverage it as a differentiating factor in their business model.

Looking at these trends we can see that many organizations are opting for cloud service providers in the US. However, it is important that they choose the cloud model that suits them the best. For example, Rackspace offers a variety of cloud based infrastructure such as managed or un-managed dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers or VPS. Though dedicated servers may be high performing, reliable and available, you lose elasticity and utility billing. Further, if you let Rackspacedo the heavy lifting by letting them manage the servers, the minimum service cost will be $500/server/month. Now, if you are a start-up or a small business, this may not be an ideal solution. It is better to opt for cloud vps solutions. At Rackspace you can sign up for cloud vps at $0.032/hour of usage. When there is no need to use the server, you can turn it down and you will not incur any costs. In addition, cloud vps is elastic. You can provision and de-provision computing resources in an autonomic manner. Further, there are smaller web hosting companies such as, bluehost and ipage who provide cheaper cloud vps solutions for your small business needs.

In conclusion, as cloud computing becomes the norm, cloud vps solutions will get utilized by start-ups and small businesses. With wide ranging options from cloud providers, companies will subscribe to the cloud model that best suits them. Cloud vps solutions are cost effective, elastic and scalable and so will be the starting point for many companies and cloud provider USA with its professional services model has the potential to become a leader in the cloud market place.

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