Cloud Providers In Canada

In the past several years, there have been allegations of spying by the NSA, the Chinese state and other government and non-government organizations.  These allegations has forced many companies to consider cloud providers in Canada as an alternative to protect their privacy and security needs as the country has a well thought out legal system.

Some of the large cloud providers in Canada are IBM and Bell Canada.  In September, 2012, IBM opened a 25,000-square-foot, $90-million data centre in Barrie, Ontario.  The reliability of power and water combined with Canadian winter to cut down cooling costs and political stability of the country has made Canada an attractive destination for cloud service providers.  Canada is also an attractive destination due to its tax incentives for technology companies.

In addition to these large cloud providers in Canada, there are number of smaller companies that specialize in various aspects of cloud services.

1. Rackforce - Since 2001 specializes in enterprise cloud services.  It has served 12, 000 customers to-date.   Through RackForce you can obtain Cloud Virtual Machines, Virtual Data Centers, Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup.

2. Clouda - is a cloud service provider in Canada that provides services such as platform automation, virtual private cloud, bulk storage and agile open cloud.

3. Canadian Cloud Computing is another cloud provider in Canada who specializes in enterprise cloud computing and professional services related to cloud computing, especially private cloud architecture.

4. Cloudpath is a cloud service provider in Canada that provides Tier III certified and SSAE16/SOC 2 compliant Canadian data center with expert support.  You can try their 4 GB RAM, a single core cpu, 0.8 TB bandwidth machine free for 15 days before you make any decision.

These are some of the cloud service providers in Canada.  These smaller companies will help you cut down the IT infrastructure cost and let you focus more on your business than your IT needs.

Canadians are also concerned about the privacy of their data.  They are afraid that their personal data may be made available to US authorities via the Patriot Act.  Therefore the Canadian government has transitioned a plan to consolidate more than 100 different Email systems into a single system and outsourced to Bell, a Canadian company. Since the Canadian government is concerned regarding privacy issues and does not want data to be stored in the US, why shouldn.t the average man do the same argues Toronto Star

In conclusion, Canada is politically stable and offers laws that protect the privacy of individuals and companies.  Thus, Canada is a better destination for governments, companies and individuals to store their data with one of the cloud providers in Canada.

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