Cloud Servers India

As cloud computing becomes main stream, the cost of cloud servers in India is becoming cheaper. Many small time cloud storage providers in India such as E2Networks are hosting low latency cloud servers in India. Though E2Networks provide a platform for start-ups in India, one disadvantage of a company like them is that they do not offer these services to companies outside the country. However, given the price point of 5 INR or 8 US cents per hour, their services are quite a bargain. Companies outside of the country can subscribe to their cloud servers in India by setting up an Indian subsidiary or get a domain name in India. Further, for companies that are global and provide services in India, signing up with them offers a lot advantage in terms of low latency to host their websites, images and videos, thus providing better SEO value in the country.

In addition E2Networks, there are many other cloud storage providers in India who host cloud servers in India. Kolkata based Diadem is one such cloud storage and service provider. Diadem hosts, Linux based, highly scalable, secure and affordable cloud servers in India. Small businesses and individuals can try out their Linux VPS servers at low cost. Diadem guarantees 100% uptime. Their machines utilize super-fast, Dual 2620 Intel Hexcore CPU with 16 hyper threaded cores and DDR3 ECC RAM. They also offer Windows cloud servers and are partners of Parallels and Intel.

At 8995 INR or 145 USD per month for Xeon Quad Core -x3430 processor with 4 GB RAM, I TB storage and 2 TB bandwidth, go4hosting is another one of the cloud storage providers in India with their own cloud servers in India. go4hosting, offers dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, business email and cloud hosting services in the country. The cheapest plan they offer is priced at 5995 INR or 96 USD per month for Intel Dual Core chip with 2 GB RAM, 500 GB of storage and 2TB of bandwidth.Go4hosting lets you customize their plans on their website ( Customers can choose from the wide varieties of operating systems to additional IPs to backup plans the company offers at additional cost.

If customers are not so confident in signing up with small time cloud service providers who hosts their own cloud servers in India, they have the option of signing up with big name vendors such as IBM and Amazon. These companies are some of the biggest cloud service as well as cloud storage providers in India. Amazon offers personal as well as business plans, while IBM is more focused on their business solutions.

As a company that helps businesses expand into foreign markets, BizBoon will match up small businesses that expand into India with the right Indian partner who hosts their cloud servers in India. If expanding companies prefer other cloud storage providers in India over BizBoon, we will ensure that these companies are connected to the right cloud provider in India.

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