Cloud Service Provider In India

A definitive source of competitive advantage across all industry verticals, Cloud Computing is a wave that is permeating the IT world. Cloud Service providers in India are becoming increasingly mainstream as businesses realize the benefits of cloud computing, particularly in a time when economy is uncertain. As the businesses are not averse to shedding their traditional approach to ownership of their IT infrastructure and open to the idea of embracing cloud, there is not an iota of doubt that cloud computing is well on its way towards revolutionizing the way business is done in India.

According to market research firm IDC, the cloud computing revenue in India will be pegging at a huge $3.5 billion by the year 2016, five times more than the $688 million it clocked in 2012 and the cloud service providers in India are poised to take advantage of this new revenue stream. According to the estimate by the experts, 20-25% of large outsourcing deals in the country are already engaging with outsourcing elements to third party cloud service providers. Add to this, the vast SME market in India. There has been an increasing awareness among the SMEs about the benefits cloud services can provide to them. These budget-constrained enterprises find cloud computing useful in bringing down the cost of ownership.

Consequently, Cloud Computing is becoming the preferred mechanism and a cost effective way of automating their business for the SMEs. According to a study by E&Y, about 36 per cent of medium and small businesses would move their businesses on cloud based computing technologies in a bid to cut down on their IT and data spends.

Against the above mentioned backdrop, it is no surprise that the marketplace in India is teeming with numerous cloud service providers. Major vendors of international repute are responding by bringing cloud delivery architectures into the country and in the process tailoring their cloud offerings to suit the domestic market. Almost all technology vendors in India have joined the cloud bandwagon with their cloud offerings. Even global players operating in India have tailored their cloud offerings to suit the domestic market.

One of the foremost cloud service providers in India is IBM, the association of which with the country is long and intimate. India will have a slice of the Big Blue.s announcement of cloud investment program worth $1.2 billion whereby a cloud data center will be established in the country Apart from many a wide array of vendors, other important cloud service providers in India are HP, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys Technologies, Wipro, Zenith and Cynapse.

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