Cloud Storage Providers

Storage is not a dead-end IT activity. Organizations and businesses are realizing that they have lot of critical data and they can ill-afford to lose them. As businesses and organizations generate more data to store them digitally, they have come to realize that ad hoc processes are not sufficient and are turning to cloud storage providersto assist with cloud backup solutions due to their cheap costs, advancements in cloud storage security and legislations that protect privacy.

Thanks to cloud storage providers with state of the art cloud backup solutions there will never be a data or information recession. Even in not-so-good economic conditions, the amount of data and information being generated continue to grow. Needless to say, cloud backup solutions infrastructure will witness intensifying demand in the coming years and the number of cloud storage providers will continue to grow. Going by the current pace of exponential increase in data, there is every likelihood that the growth of storage budgets will eclipse the growth of an organization's overall IT budget. In such an environment, there is a need for a more cost-effective, sustainable approach which could well be in the form of accessing or purchasing cloud storage from cloud storage providers.

The SMEs in India are also heading towards a data deluge and they are a contributory factor for a significant portion of the growth in cloud backup solutions. With a view to use technology for business advantage and competitiveness, they are also moving away from seat-of-the-pants management of data storage. SMB customers have many of the same storage requirements as those of large enterprises; they often don't have the requisite skill sets or budget needed to achieve the desired results. Hence, to them hosting the data in the cloud seems viable proposition. And the good news is that there is no dearth of vendors offering cloud storage products and solutions.

IBM, HP, EMC, NetApp are some of the top cloud storage providers who have state-of-the-art storage products in their product portfolios. In addition to these top vendors there are other cloud backup solutions providers such as livedrive offer unlimited backup space in the cloud. An average user can back up their entire OS in livedrive.s cloud and synch using their briefcase tool on any device you wish to. Other cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and offer cloud backup solutions to everyday users. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free space when you sign up and provides 10 GB free space. Dropbox.s syncing capability is simple and easy to use, while syncing ability may require you to set up registry entries if you are installing it on a Windows platform. All these cloud vendors are striving to make storage cheaper. The reduction in price coupled with the fact that more legislation that protect privacy are becoming the norm, many businesses are increasingly turning to cloud storage providers for state of the art cloud backup solutions.

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