Online File Storage And Sharing

With the advent of cloud, which is well on its was to become ubiquitous with the passage of time, online file storage and sharing is fast becoming a preferred service of the users to store and access information instead of storing them locally on hard drives or removable media.

The reason for the increasing popularity of online file sharing is not far to seek. Being used as an alternative to backup solutions, the technology frees the users from the worry of supporting and maintaining the data themselves. Today, many employees are mobile and work remotely, at home or on the go. They need access to files from any device and anywhere to collaborate with colleagues by sharing their work files with them. Here the technology of online file storage and sharing comes into play. The files can be accessed by the users from any device with Internet connection that include PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other remote computing devices. By taking resort to online file sharing, the businesses can provide their employees flexibility when it comes to file accessibility.

In the backdrop of the emerging trend where online file sharing is gaining traction as a business tool, vendors have come to the forefront of conscious attention with online file sharing products meant for customers ranging from individuals to businesses with more than ten thousand employees.

However, for all the benefits online file sharing provides, it cannot be said to have fool proof security. The very nature of online file sharing makes it more accessible to more users. And therein lies the danger as well.

This new mobile environment has led to higher security risks. This is because an unsecured mobile device inherently carries more business-critical information. While the opportunities mobility presents are substantial, there are a number of challenges customers face like compliance with corporate policy, development and deployment of mobile applications with secure connectivity to corporate infrastructure.

Security concerns are a significant bottleneck in the adoption of the online file storage and sharing concept. Since much of the data is stored on unsupported devices and IT teams run the risk of losing control of data, some businesses are wary of adopting online file sharing. The experts have emphasized the role of encryption as a necessary enhancement to online file sharing. Hence with online file sharing concept picking up, businesses and individuals have to be more careful in terms of security.

Cloud computing promises an egalitarian platform irrespective of organization size. With the advent of cloud computing CRM, ERP, HRMS, BI, Dashboards and other dizzying acronyms and jargons are no longer the privilege of a select few enterprises. Cloud Computing is giving huge impetus to SMEs to look for productivity, efficiency enhancing solutions while operating in spartan budgets.

It can be said with absolute certainty that online file sharing hence plays a significant role in the rapidly changing face of enterprise computing. However, the technology brings several security concerns leading to greater level of uncertainty and data insecurity.

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